Day 1 – Clearing

My first few hours in the allotment and it’s clearing, clearing and more clearing!  Armed with a newly bought fork and some garden bin liners I make a start.  There’s so much to do, it’s a bit over whelming but I have to start.

I’m literally pulling anything up that looks like a weed.  This is going to be a long process and will take several visits.  Once I’ve dug most of the weeds up, the plan is to cut all the grass back and then borrow a rotavator to go turn the soil over.  This will turn up more weeds that I need to take out.

Because it’s the end of July, I won’t be able to grow much this year, maybe some onions and garlic (so another plot owner has told me) so it’s just a case of getting the soil right for next year.

On my first day I did 3 hours and filled 5 bin liners and 2 garden sacks full of weeds and I’ve not even touched a corner of my plot.  I think it’s starting to look better though…. I can see the ground at least!

Starting to clear the allotment  First few bin bags of weeds

I’ve been quite lucky in that my plot has a few bits of fruit left from the previous owner.  I have a gooseberry bush, some rhubarb, raspberries and another gooseberry like bush that no one seems to know the name of.  People keep telling me it’s a rare Scottish cross breed?!? Anyway before all the fruit starts to drop off, I pick a bag of each to take home and freeze.  Not bad for my first day



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