Starting from scratch…

Hi, my name’s Rose and I am an amateur gardener / allotment owner.  A complete novice.  This is my first allotment and I have no idea what I’m doing (seriously… no clue)!!!

I registered for my allotment in 2009, 4 years ago, to be honest I’d forgotten that I’d registered for one, but I got the call and thought “great, why not”.  So off I went to take a look at it.  I’d been warned prior that the plot was a bit neglected but wow, it was a bit of a shock (photos below).  I was also really surprised how big it was and mine is only a half plot.

My allotment  My allotment at the start

The allotment manager filled me in on a the rules and regulations, how much it cost per year and how much work would be needed to clear it and maintain it.

Basics (may vary between councils)

  • I would have a 3 month probation period
  • The general rule is that a plot must be “cultivated and weed free”
  • 60% must be cultivated with fruit and veg, 40% can be flowers and other plants
  • No chickens allowed
  • If you want to erect a shed or other structures, it has to be signed off by the committee
  • The cost for 1 year was £35
  • Once a plot is cultivated you would need to visit it little and often, every couple of days for an hour or so at a time (especially in summer when everything is in fruit).

An allotment is a big commitment and I wanted to do it justice, plus the waiting lists are long so it would be unfair to take it from someone else if I didn’t put 100% in.  So I went home to think about it for a few nights:  Could I really manage it with working through the week (I don’t usually get home before 7)? Could I afford the equipment and supplies? Was my heart really in it or would I get fed up?  After much thought I decided I’d give it a good go and signed the papers.

An allotment is a great way to spend time outdoors, it’s good exercise and can be a very good stress release as well as providing food and cut the shopping bills.  It’s also a great place to meet people and become part of a community.

I searched the internet for help on allotments and couldn’t find much for an absolute beginner with no clue (me) sothat’s why I decided to blog about it as well.  I hope I can share my experiences and even some tips along the way.

So this is where it begins… I hope you enjoy the read



6 thoughts on “Starting from scratch…

  1. I’ve had my allotment for 5 years – a little and often is the key and plant so you don’t have gluts. you’ve still got time to plant things this year so go and dig a small patch and out some salad in straight away that way you’ll see some benefit this year

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